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3008’s Gyger wins AICE Camp K Award

Updated: Mar 27, 2018

Chelsea Gyger, Assistant Editor at 3008, named winner of the 2016 International Camp Kuleshov Award in Editing for AICE’s Texas chapter.

The annual AICE competition challenges assistant editors, mixers and graphic designers to demonstrate their craft and creativity by developing 90-second trailers. This year, within the Editing category, assistants chose from a diverse roster of films which they were then required to mash-up or reimagine into trailers for films of another genre or in the style of an

iconic director.

Film options focused on third installments of film series, ranging from “Back to the Future Part III” and “The Godfather: Part 3” to “Crocodile Dundee in L.A.”. Directors whose styles could be mimicked included Stephen Spielberg, the Wachowski siblings and Nicholas Winding Refn.

Chelsea chose to reimagine the British claymation comedy “A Close Shave” within the serial killer genre. “I wanted to take a film that looked seemingly innocent and see how sinister I could make it. I immediately loved the idea of a horror film being done in Claymation,” said Chelsea.

Drawing inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock, Chelsea remained narrowly focused on what she described as the raw emotion that comes from what you don’t know and how that scares you more than what you do know. “It was about the psychology behind being hunted and how that affects a character, the physical and emotional reaction, more than focusing on the actual

monster itself,” said Chelsea.

Check out her winning submission here.

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