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3008's McMartin named runner-up in AICE’s Camp K

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

Camp Kuleshov is AICE’s annual contest in which assistants accept the challenge of creating compelling film trailers and turn them into showcases of their skill in their respective post-production discipline. In the Editorial category, assistants chose from a list of films and crafted new trailers that presented their selections as a different genre.

“Camp K is a great opportunity for assistants to gain exposure in local and national post communities. As we strive to build a stronger presence in the ad community, this event is key in showcasing our local talent and bringing vendors and agency partners together to support our craft. And, we’re particularly proud of 3008’s very own Jackson McMartin,” said Brian Hwang, EP at 3008 and Chairperson of AICE Texas Camp K.

The list of source films included “The Manchu-rian Candidate”, “The Thing With Two Heads,” “Zoolander,” “The Doors,” the animated thriller “A Scanner Darkly,” the sci-fi classic “Them,” “The Music Man” and several others. Among the genres assistants could choose from were Dystopian Drama, Heist Film, Worst Movie Ever Made, Road Film and Directed by Oliver Stone.

"When I read the list of films, I saw Zoolander and instantly knew what film I would be transforming. I'm a huge fan of the movie, and have been known to rock the Blue Steel look every once in a while... There was no other choice. I wanted the project to be a challenge, so I decided to flip the movie on its tonal head by crafting a dark and mysterious film noir story out of an otherwise hilarious comedy,” said Jackson McMartin,

Assistant Editor at 3008.

Congratulations Jackson for placing 2nd in the Southwest Division!

Check out his winning submission here.

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